About Us


Pimbio B.V. is a privately held Design and Prototyping Studio founded in 2014 to develop  new and promising microfluidic devices for bioengineering physiologically relevant living tissue for different applications. 

Our Market

Pimbio supports scientists interested in animal free research by providing our patented technology to emulate human 3D anatomy and physiology in vitro.

Current issues

Existing barrier free microfluidic devices are not adapted for culturing and vascularization of relative large 3D tissue like cerebral brain organoids. This is because of very small volumes of cell culture chambers.

These products also have relative large space inside microfluidic system without sufficient perfusion. That creates large dead volume inside in vitro models and limits throughput.

Our proposition

Pimbio offers her microfluidic platform and its customized variants for bioengineering necrotic free in vitro models.

Your advantage

Your direct advantage is an opportunity to create or to upgrade your existing in vitro model for producing more valuable and reliable data.


This will boost your research and faster development of new drugs and other products.


Our vision is to operate as a market leader in development and commercialization of microfluidic devices for 3D in vitro bioengineering.


Our mission is to provide our 3Rs and user friendly technology to the research- and industrial community, improving people's lives.