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PimBio BV is a privately held Design and Prototyping Studio founded in 2014 to develop  new and promising microfluidic devices for bioengineering physiologically relevant living tissue for different applications. The development of a platform technology producing 3D physiologically relevant in vitro model will enable the generation of fully differentiated living tissue types and whole organs which can be used in scientific research, regenerative medicine and industry.

PimBio has the vision to operate as a market leader in the prototyping microfluidic devices, by investing in quality, innovation and capacity. PimBio supports the 3Rs, the guiding principles of reduction, refinement and replacement of animal experiments.

The essence for PimBio is to work together with customers on innovative and reliable solutions in the complete trajectory from idea to prototype & manufacture  microfluidic devices in single pieces or in small series, at low costs and on the design specification of customers.

The mission of PimBio is to provide research and industrial community a unique combination of micro technologies, materials, microfluidics knowledge and customer application know-how, which enables PimBio to offer customers innovative and sustainable solutions with 3Rs potential to improve people’s lives.

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