€0,5M for iPSC-based NMJ-on-a-chip model

Approximately 200.000 Dutch patients suffer from neuromuscular disorders (NMDs). Neuromuscular junctions (NMJs) are highly specialized structures that enable motor neurons to communicate with muscle fibers to establish muscle contraction. NMJ pathophysiology underlies muscle dysfunction in a range of NMDs such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, myasthenia gravis and Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The recent development of advanced therapies has been hampered by the lack of a robust NMJ model. PimBio is proud to announce that our NOACH (NMJ-On-A-CHip) consortium under the supervision of Dr. Maartje Huijbers has received a LUMC PPS-Match call Topsector LSH 2021 funding for the development of a patient-derived iPSC-based NMJs-on-a-chip model to study NMJ (patho)physiology by combining functional parameters with a relevant human genetic background. The NMJ-on-a-chip model will enable technology relevant for academic groups (basic research on disease mechanism, translational research) and for the industry (drug testing on human, patient-derived cells, personalized medicine, facilitation of FDA approval, phase IV trial in demonstrating effect of approved drugs). This project, supported by Stichting Proefdiervrij, will bridge the gap between 2D cell culture and animal models offering innovative and sustainable solutions with 3Rs potential to improve people’s lives